Ancient Man in America Including Works in Western New York

Ancient Man in America Including Works in Western New York


Ancient Man in America, including works in western New York and portions of other States, together with structures in Central America, was published in 1880.


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“The theory that the ancient works located in Western New York were those of the modern Indians I consider erroneous and have endeavored to present evidence that those mounds and fortifications were the works of the Mound Builders (Lamanites by birth), or more especially those which contain copper relics and mica.”

“I am well aware that it will add but a trifle to the great number of elaborate works already before the public; although what is presented in regard to many of the ancient works and relics found in Western New York which have been explored ONLY BY MYSELF, must necessarily interest those in search of new discoveries. 

“My theory that the pre-historic races used, to some extent, the great American elephant, or mastodon, I believe is new and no doubt will be considered visionary by many readers…Finding the form of an elephant engraved upon a copper relic some six inches long and four wide…in harness with a sort of breast-collar with tugs reaching past the hips, first led me to adopt that theory.” (Preface, Larkin)


Series: Book of Mormon Geography
Genre: Book of Mormon Geography
Publisher: Land of Promise
Publication Year: 2010
ISBN: 160135486X
List Price: $18.95
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