Book of Mormon Geography

History of Niagara County, N.Y., 1878
Ancient Man in America Including Works in Western New York
A Geographical History of the State of New York, (1848) embracing its history, government, physical features, climate, geology, mineralogy, botany, … map of each county. The whole forming a com
Notes on the Iroquois; or Contributions to American History, Antiquities, and General Ethnology
Pioneer History of the Holland Land Purchase of Western New York Embracing Some Account of the Ancient Remains
Christian Guide: The Book of Mormon
America’s Mount Zion – An Introduction
The Mormon History, Writings, and Testimonies of Arlin Ewald Nusbaum – Volume 1
Prince Malkijah – The Missing Chapter of Book of Mormon History, Geography, and Prophecy
The Nephite Dynasty: The Beginning of Priestcraft and Downfall of Book of Mormon People
Final Warning: Book of Mormon Geography: Theorists & Modelers Stop Fighting Against Zion!
Remembering Niagara:: Tales from Beyond the Falls (American Chronicles)