Jacob: A Holy Book of Mormon Primer for the Non-Religious

About the Book

The Holy Book of Mormon is like the Bible in that it is long and hard to read due to its “King James English,” but it has many gold nuggets, as does the Bible. If a person were to start reading it from the beginning, they might give up before finding those gold nuggets because there is so much history to wade through.

Not everyone is fond of reading history; therefore, a smaller book (yet from within The Holy Book of Mormon) that has less history and more gold nuggets of truth is the perfect primer for introducing what The Holy Book of Mormon is about—Jesus. Jacob is the foremost teacher in The Holy Book of Mormon, who covers everything from how to get into Heaven, to how Satan started, everyday life, and the future of America.

Series: Book of Mormon Starter Set
Genres: Book of Mormon, Books of Mormon
Tag: Books of Mormon
Publisher: A Marvelous Work and A Wonder Publishing
Publication Year: 2017, 2023
Length: 92 pp
ISBN: 9781601356482

List Price: $9.95
eBook Price: $6.95
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