PROTOCOLS For The Living, About The Dead; A Day of Choosing Is At Hand

PROTOCOLS For The Living, About The Dead; A Day of Choosing Is At Hand
About the Book

The writing of this book is not without precedent. Sure, a book regarding how to minister to the dead could have been written at any time for we do always have the dead among us, but the need and pertinence now will be more than ever as we expect a mass exodus from the living to the dead when The Day of Our Lord arrives (for more on that topic see my books: The Sign of Jesus’ Coming, The Return, The Wold With God, Millennial Dawn…to name but a few) when those who are unable to “abide the day” commit suicide:

2 But who may abide the day of his coming? (Malachi 3)

Who might be unable to abide the day? Basically any betrayer of God or their conscience. Of course there will be different degrees or grades of these offenders, but here is a short list of who we can expect will commit suicide after The Day of Our Lord arrives:

-Unrepented Abortionists and those who either received them, performed them, or facilitated them
-Foul people
-Haters of God, Christ, Christians, and all good things
-Those who love to lie, who lie in wait to deceive
– Hypocrites; any person living a serious lie too grievous to be known—adulterers
-Fornicators, including those engaged in sex outside of marriage, those living in sin, pedophilia, promiscuity, etc.
-Extortionists, people oppressing others for financial gain including slavery, human or sex traffickers, blackmail (formally or not), etc.
-Millennial who are: spoiled rotten generation who couldn’t be bothered to deal with it; quitters and “snowflakes”
-Satanists, witches, warlocks, and their kind