The Book of “How to Turn to God”

The Book of “How to Turn to God”


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About the Book

The Book of “How to Turn to God” was prepared by God 4000 years ago and has been translated into English for all the world to have. Previously titled “Book of Mormon,” it is a tool and not a product of the Mormon Church, for it existed before that church, and has been abused by them to gain converts by its amazing power to bring people to Christ, but that church’s teachings are not based on it whatsoever and it should be judged by how well it does what it claims to do and be about – bring people THROUGH repentance TO Jesus Christ – directly, not by pope, priest, or church. (786 pp)

A good companion to: The Torah of Jesus

Authors: ,
Series: Books of Mormon
Genre: Books of Mormon
Tag: Books of Mormon
Publisher: A Marvelous Work and A Wonder
Publication Year: 2021
Length: 786 pp
ISBN: 9781601356413
eBook Price: $5.00
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