The Mormon History, Writings, and Testimonies of Arlin Ewald Nusbaum – Volume 1

The Mormon History, Writings, and Testimonies of Arlin Ewald Nusbaum – Volume 1










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About the Book

Volume I covers Arlin’s time in the Mormon Church from birth through his resignation at age 32 (1995). He shares what life was like being raised a seventh-generation Mormon outside the “Book of Mormon beltway” (Idaho-Utah-Arizona). Pictures are included in all volumes.

President Robert & Sister Thomas
Prophecies by President Thomas
Catch Me Up
Mormon History
Mormon Testimonies
Preston Nibley
Sunstone & Symposiums
September Six
Last Visit with the Thomases

In Volume II, Arlin delves deeper into his mission experiences and explains How and Why he left Mormonism.

Missionary Service
Elder Bruce R. McConkie
Mission Release
Unavoidable Doctrinal Forks
Pandora’s Box
Line of Demarcation
What If?
No Other Foundation
Joseph Not The Way
Joseph’s Original Call Enumerated

Volume III details the Heavenly Messengers who tutored Arlin, enabling him to transition from Mormonism, followed by a “Call to Action” for Mormons.

Heavenly Messengers
God the Father
Jesus Christ (0-33)
Apostle Saul (0-67)
Joe Smith (1805–1844)
David Whitmer (1805–1888)
William P. Brown (1832–c. 1891)
Dr. William Law (1809–1892)
Patriarch David White Rogers (1787–1881)
William Madison Wall (1821–1869)
Constantine (272-337)
Prof. William Barclay (1907-1978)
Rev. Thomas Campbell (1763-1854)
First Vision Location
Whitmer Farm – Angel Field
Angel and the Plates
New Jerusalem Fulfilled
Call to Action

Series: History & Writings
Genres: Biographical, Book of Mormon Geography
Tag: Recommended Books
Publisher: A Marvelous Work and A Wonder
Publication Year: 11-11-23
ISBN: 9781601358431