The Mormon History, Writings, and Testimonies of Arlin Ewald Nusbaum – Volume 1

About the Book

Volume I covers Arlin’s time in the Mormon Church from birth through his resignation at age 32. He shares what life was like being raised a seventh-generation Mormon outside the “Book of Mormon beltway” (Idaho-Utah-Arizona). Pictures are included throughout.

New information has been added (Scouting and Institute) plus a new ending chapter that chronicles his move to Book of Mormon lands (9/2022).

  1. President Robert & Sister Thomas
  2. Prophecies by President Thomas
  3. Catch Me Up
  4. Mormon History
  5. Mormon Testimonies
  6. Preston Nibley
  7. Sunstone & Symposiums
  8. September Six
  9. Last Visit with the Thomases
  10. Three Temples in One Day
Genres: Biographical, Book of Mormon Geography, Mormon History, Western New York
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Publisher: A Marvelous Work and A Wonder
Publication Year: 8-8-22
ISBN: 9781601358431
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